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We are trying to contact all owners of Alchemy ORC-UL hubs. THIS SITUATION ONLY CONCERNS THE ORC-UL - NOT the original ORC (see photo below). The RED hub is an ORC-UL. The SILVER hub is an original ORC.

UPDATED: June 3, 2014                 Alchemy ORC-UL hub owner – PLEASE READ IMMEDIATELY
According to our records, you purchased one or more ORC-UL hub. We have become aware that there is a potential fatigue issue with these hubs.
All riders should immediately stop riding any rear wheel built with an ORC-UL. The fatigue issue may cause the cassette mechanism to grab. This could cause the chain to wrap up and prevent the rear wheel from spinning freely.
In the meantime, we must advise you to stop riding the wheel.  We will work with you and your wheel builder to arrive at a resolution.
We need all owners of ORC-UL hubs to contact us and provide the following information:
Your full name:
Shipping address:
Phone number:
Hub Description:
Please include:
  Platform (Shimano 10 or Shimano 11 speed); drilling & color
Example: O-UL; Shimano 10-speed; 24 hole; Black
Date of purchase:
From whom it was purchased:
If you have sold your wheel/hub, please provide any contact info available:
Please contact us at 505-983-8393 or by e-mail at

NOTE: If you are a dealer, you will need to provide us with the contact information for any customer who received an ORC-UL.

Last updated:Feb 6, 2015